Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello Kitty ハロー キティ

(Source: CNNGO)

(Source: Jaunted

Late last year, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, Taiwanese airline EVA Airways teamed up with Sanrio to launched their second generation of Hello Kitty aeroplanesThere are three Airbus 330-300, each decorated with a different theme - Hello Kitty Loves Apples, Hello Kitty Magic Stars and Hello Kitty Around the World. Take the virtual tour here. 

The airline is hoping the Hello Kitty aeroplanes will invigorate travel interest between Taiwan and Japan. These adorable aeroplanes operate from Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport to Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Seoul and Hong Kong. My picks would be Tokyo (of course!) or Fukuoka and the obligatory trip to Harmony Land. 

OMG! I must get on one of these planes! Super cute!!