Thursday, 31 May 2012

Q-Pot Golden Burger

King of Burger

Queen of Burger

Ms Summer Burger with plumeria flower crown

Mr Summer Surfing Burger: limited edition, Hawaii exclusive charm

Captain Burger: The Hero voyaged the seven seas

(Source: Fabio Lendrum)

I am more than a little obsessed with Q-Pot especially the Golden Burger collection of stackable jewels. So Amazing! Q-Pot is available online at Opening Ceremony.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What do you know about heart shaped food?

Did I mention I'm crazy for heart shaped things? And food... I'm quite fond of food too.

Dominos Pizza Japan Happy Valentines Day set / Quick 40th Anniversary 'Love Giant' Burger /  Dunkin' Donuts Cupids Choice donut / Dunkin' Donuts Royal Wedding donut / watermelons from Fukuoka, Japan / tangerines from Hyundai department store Apgujeong,  South Korea

Purikura / sticker photos

So, my best gurlfriend Courtney and I caught up for a boozy dinner earlier this month and this is what eventuated...

It was the very first time I had won anything from a UFO Catcher / Claw Crane gaming machine. Needless to stay we were both super pumped and there was a whole lot of squealing, clapping, fist pumping and hi-fiving going on. wooOoot!! 

For some tips and tricks on how to win at UFO Catchers click here