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Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in TOKYO「イタズラなKiss~Love in TOKYO」Episode 8 Recap

Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo (Naoki kisses Kotoko's cheek!)

Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo (Kotoko Sandwich with Naoki and Kin Chan

Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo Character chart

Another Spring13 Japanese drama I have really been enjoying (along with Last Cinderella which I mentioned here is Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo. Based on the highly successful Japanese manga written and illustrated by Kaoru Tada, the popular  series has been previously adapted into various live action dramas. The remake stars Miki Honoka as our charming lead, Aihara Kotoko and Furukawa Yuki as her brainy boo, Irie Naoki. Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo is currently airing on Fuji TV.

Not having seen the previous Itazura na Kiss or its various adaptations (South Korea’s It Started With a Kiss or Taiwain's It Started With a Kiss and They Kissed Again) I am completely in the dark about what unfolds in the series. Aside from the obvious (Kotoko and Naoki get together) happy ending.

Lets recap on Episode 8. Screen shot spam and possible spoilers after the jump. 

Itazura Na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo (Series Title)

Naoki walks an injured Kotoko home. Kotoko clings to Naoki more than perhaps is necessary.
Naoki walks an injured Kotoko home after their unsuccessful doubles match. Kotoko seizes this opportunity to cling to Naoki... and he obliges. Are we witnessing a display of duty or is Naoki secretly into Kotoko?

Who is this snippy Ojiichan and why is he living in Kotoko's new house?
The pair finally arrive at Kotoko’s new home. But hold up, it appears a snippy Ojiichan has moved into the very same house?

Homeless Kotoko returns with Naoki to the Irie family home.
Homeless once again Kotoko has no choice but return to the Irie household with the dreamy Naoki.

Mrs Irie welcomes back Kotoko with open arms.
A delighted Mrs Irie welcomes Kotoko.

Mrs Irie knows all about Naoki and Kotoko’s graduation kiss!

Kotoko pleads - "I didn't tell!" Naoki looks unimpressed.
And lets slip she knows all about Naoki and Kotoko’s graduation kiss.

Yuki is impressed with the news either.
Yuki is repulsed! 

Mrs Irie has definitely been scheming!
It is clear Mrs Irie has been scheming! The Aihara’s will have to rely upon the Irie family’s hospitality once more.

Kin Chan is devastated to hear about the kiss

Kin Chan confronts Kotoko about the kiss
Poor Kin Chan is devastated to hear about the Naoki / Kotoko kiss and is more determined than ever to protect Kotoko.

Kotoko spying on Naoki outside the Engineering Department.
Kotoko resumes creeping around the Engineering Department, hoping to win a date with Naoki.

Matsumoto San scores a date with Naoki.
But the confident and eloquent Matsumoto San gets in first with the offer of a movie.

Sudo Senpai and Kotoko decide to join forces.
As it turns out Sudo Senpai is rather taken with Matsumoto San and the rejected pair decide to join forces.

Sudo Senpai and Kotoko follow Naoki and Matsumoto on their date.
 Sudo Senpai and Kotoko trail Naoki and Matsumoto San on their date

Sudo Senpai and Kotoko eavesdropping on Naoki and Matsumoto San's date.

Kotoko is keen to hear about Naoki's ideal type.

The shocked faces of Sudo Senpai and Kotoko as they spy on Naoki

Matsumoto tries to hold Naoki's hand but Kotoko hits her with some airborne popcorn.
And intercept all of Matsumoto’s attempts at flirtation.

Naoki protect Matsumoto from a careless cyclist.
After witnessing Naoki protect Matsumoto from a careless cyclist, a deflated Kotoko decides to return home.

Kotoko bumps into a rather angry man.
 Just as Kotoko is set to leave she finds herself in a spot of bother.

Naoki suddenly reappears to rescue Kotoko.
But gallantly, Naoki reappears just in time to rescue her.

Matsumoto and Kotoko agree, Naoki is "Kakkouii, ne!?!"
Kakkouii, ne!?!

Grabbing Kotoko's hand, Naoki calls his date short with Matsumoto.
Naoki abruptly calls his date short with Matsumoto 

Naoki borrows a tennis racket to help assist Sudo Senpai.
And offers parting words of encouragement to Sudo Senpai. “Now you should show Matsumoto how great you are and win her heart!”

Naoki and Kotoko romantically run into the sunset.

That is until Kotoko falls flat on her face.
Naoki and Kotoko run off into the sunset… but of course, Kotoko falls flat on her face. Must have been her bung ankle.

Upon reaching safety Naoki unexpectedly offers to hang with Kotoko.
Once they have reached safety Naoki unexpectedly offers to hang with Kotoko. In shock, Kotoko is somewhat slow to respond 

Kotoko can't believe her luck! Iku!
But quickly recovers to enthusiastically accept his invitation. Iku! Iku!

Kotokoa admiries the beautiful view but where is Naoki?
While Kotoko is busy admiring the beautiful Tokyo skyline Naoki disappears. Did he bail without so much as a goodbye?

Naoki delivers dinner to Kotoko.
Of course not! Naoki reappears with take-out burgers (OMG, dream man!)

Naoki and Kotoko eat dinner together on their accidental date.

Kotoko loves burgers!

Naoki thanks Kotoko.
 Naoki admits that life is more interesting when facing a challenge (Usually Kotoko related) than having no hardships and thanks her for enriching his life.

Kotoko mistakes Naoki's thanks for a proposal.
Kotoko speeds ahead – is this a confession? A proposal?

Naoki explains"I have trouble being with you, but I don't hate you"
Sadly it isn’t either. Naoki explains… ‘’ I don’t mind living in the same house as you" "I have trouble being with you, but I don't hate you”

Kotoko is overwhelmed to the point of tears.

Ever the gentleman, Naoki offers his handkerchief.
Kotoko is moved to tears. I don’t know if I’d feel as pleased at his admission but I guess it’s a start.

Kin Chan waits in vain outside a sleazy ‘Adult Cinema’ in hopes of rescuing Kotoko.
Meanwhile, Kin Chan waits in vain outside a sleazy ‘Adult Cinema’. “Kotoko, Where are you?”

Naoki is moving out?
Just when things appear to be looking up for Kotoko we are hit with the cliff hanger – Naoki is moving out?!

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that! What are the reasons behind Naoki wanting to move out? And so soon after admitting he didn’t mind living with Kotoko!

I really felt for Kin Chan in this episode. Try as he might Kotoko continues to slip further away from him and to make matters worse she appears to be making a little progress with Naoiki . Kin Chan is just so sweet and adoring, I really wish there was a character we could set him up with! One of Kotoko’s friends perhaps?

Kotoko's determination is really admirable and I love that she doesn’t allow her shortcomings to hold her back. Sure, Kotoko was in Class F but that does not mean she can’t pursue a romance with a genius from Class A right? In spite of being humiliated time and time again Kotoko continues to brush herself off and purse Naoki with a cheery disposition. Yes, it is a little tragic but it is also super cute!

In episode 6 we saw Naoki become increasingly jealous of the friendship between Kotoko and Kin Chan and his budding interest continued in episode 7. In episode 8 it obvious that Naoki is no longer indifferent to Kotoko’s awkward advances.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

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